Lillehammer Olympic Sliding Centre is located at Hunderfossen, 15km north of the centre of Lillehammer and only 500 meters from Hunderfossen Family Park. The facility was completed and certified by the internation sporting organization FIL and FIBT in 1992.
The track is the only artificially frozen bobsleigh- and luge track in Scandinavia which in addition to national and international sport exercise, offers a range of different activities both winter and summer. The facility covers a large area that can be used for special events, competitions and ceremonies for groups.
Welcome to a speed-filled adventure!

In the summer season you can try the wheelbob. Each wheelbob seats 4 passengers in addition to an authorized pilot, and reaches speeds up to 100 km/hr. The sleds have safety features such as rollover bars and netting. Helmets are mandatory and safety instructions are given by the pilot ahead of each run.

The age limit is 10 years when accompanied by an adult. From 12 you can go alone.

The bobraft is a rubber bobsled on ice. It takes 5-6 persons in addition to the pilot. Speeds reach up to 100 km/hr and riders are subject to up to 3G during the ride. Helmets are mandatory and safety instructions are given by the pilot prior to each run. The age-limit is 10 years when accompanied by an adult. From 12 you can go alone.

Four-man bobsleigh
This is the event for the most daring amongst you, because this is the ride where you fly down the track on an actual bobsleigh. The bobsleigh is run by an authorized pilot and takes three passengers. You will experience speeds up to 120 km/hr and up to 5G.
Helmets and kidney belts are mandatory and safety instructions are given by the pilot prior to each run. Everyone earns a bobsleigh certificate and a 5G pin. Age-limit is 16 years.

Skeleton is a type of sled in which you lie on your stomach with your head first. Speeds reach up to 70 km/hr, and with your nose 1cm from the ice you are guaranteed to get a serious adrenaline kick.
Age-limit: 16 years.

Activity Park
In addition to bobsledding, there is a separate activity park where we offer group activities such as i.e. trapeze, log houses, maze, rifle practice, bow and arrow shooting and a 2,500 sqm outdoor Paintball arena.
As a part of the activity park, there is also a lavvo (Sami tent) for up to 200 persons, and a lean-to shed for barbecuing for up to 30 persons.
Contact us and we can tailor a packaged event to meet the needs and wishes of your group. See also our summer and winter activity packages.

All bobsleds are approved for use by tourists, by Norwegian Railway Authority, and the use of a helmet is mandatory. P.S. Bobsleighing is not allowed if you are pregnant, or if you have/have had spine/neck problems or heart/lung disorders. Download the safety information for 4-man bobsleigh and skeleton.

The finish area has facilities that can be used as a lounge, meeting rooms, etc. Time-taking, scoreboard and sound systems are available for use during special events, and there is a kiosk selling snacks and souvenirs. A diploma is available for sale after your run and you can buy a film of your ride, taken by GoPro camera.

Technical course data
• Total length: 1,710 m

• Longest competition length: 1,365 m
• Largest height difference: 114.3 m
• Largest drop: 15%
• Estimated maximum speed: 128 km/r (4-bob)
• Iced surface: 6,670 kvm
• Number of bends: 16
• Season for ice: October-March

• Summer season: primo May to mid-September.
• Winter season: mid-October to mid-March.

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Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track

Hunderfossvegen 680
2625 Fåberg

GPS coordinates:
Lat: 61º 13' 15,4836"
Lon: 10º 




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